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A little more on the types of massages that we offer...

Image by Toa Heftiba
Image by engin akyurt
Image by Toa Heftiba

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is the application and use of pure essential oil’s blended with a carrier oil for massage to enhance it’s effects. Each essential oil has numerous therapeutic properties and benefits for the mind body and soul.


Aromatherapy supports the body holistically, emotionally and physically. It can help with sleep, boost the immune system, aid circulation, ease muscle aches and pain’s,  hydrate and balance the skin  and uplift the mood.

It is an excellent way of maintaining optimum health and wellness in dealing with various ailments, enhance relaxation and can compliment other therapies. 

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep therapeutic massage targeting the connection tissue (myofascial) using traditional and some advanced techniques. Targeting those areas of need like trigger points over the skeletal muscle groups in the form of direct pressure. It is very effective on muscular pain and dysfunction around the bodies tension areas. For example, headaches, neck, shoulders and lower back.

Holistic Massage

A very popular whole body massage using various mediums (essential oils, waxes etc) to enhance the senses and feeling of well-being. The traditional massage techniques are slower, more deliberately targeted, to cover problematic areas or as requested by the client.

Indian Head/Champi Massage

To balance the body, mind and spirit! To promote the flow of chakras (energy) in and round the body for life. Incorporating upper back, shoulders, arms and neck in this wonderful ancient therapy. This massage is traditionally combined with the use of oils to nourish the scalp and hair, renewal of energy levels, relief of anxiety and depression, promotes hair growth, reduces headaches and migraines.

An alternative massage therapy using hot stones with traditional techniques to enhance a feeling of deeper relaxation. Adding essential oils for a more intense treatment to penetrate warmth deep into muscle. Reducing chronic pain, enhancing blood flow, increasing joint movement and flexibility. 

Hot Stone Massage

Miach Holistic Signature Massage

The ultimate full body massage. Stimulation of the senses from head to toe! The combination of treatments in any order the client requests. A traditional Herbal foot wash, warm foot wrap, full body massage with essential oils and hot stones and finishing with an Indian head massage. Not just luxurious but total relaxation, once tried never forgotten!

Pregnancy Massage

Start your  pregnancy relaxation journey from 12 weeks  and beyond! The benefits of aromatherapy during pregnancy are numerous, it encourages physical and emotional relaxation, complements antenatal & postnatal advice, restores muscle tone and moisturises the skin.

Stress Buster Massage

This treatment targets the bodies natural areas of holding tension in our modern lives. (Back, shoulders, upper arms and neck). Using a combination of traditional massage and stretching techniques to reduce the tension in those areas. This improves posture, muscle function, sleep and a feeling of well-being.

Using advanced massage techniques both physical and mechanical in aiding correct movement of muscle dysfunction/tension. In supporting of injury prevention pre and post exercise, the restoration of normal activity and function of the bodies structures. But most of all a deep therapeutic aid to feeling invigorated and rejuvenated.

Sports and Remedial Massage

Swedish/Traditional Massage

A popular therapeutic treatment  of the whole body using more traditional techniques for a relaxing manipulation of the body tissues. The benefits of this treatment are both physical and emotional, relaxing the mind and body, reducing stress and tension, creating a sense of well being calming emotions, encouraging blood flow and lymphatic circulation, easing stiffness, aches and pains and much more.

Total Body Bliss

A soothing Swedish massage treatment from scalp to toes, using aromatherapy oils to relieve tensions, increase energy flow and deeply relax for wellbeing.  This amazing treatment includes facial and scalp massage.

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