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Alwyn Williams

Being first introduced to the benefits of soft tissue manipulation on a sports injury course in the military in 1989, Alwyn knew that it was something that he wished to pursue as a career. So, soon after leaving the Military, he set out to gain the qualifications and experience to practise.

He has gained a wealth of experience, working with private individuals, spa's, sports clubs, professional referrals, and a loyal client base of different ages, professions, and abilities. 

Alwyn has a real passion for this industry and takes great pride and satisfaction in helping support people in achieving their goals or aiding them with their recovery, but most of all their health, wellbeing and feeling the best they can be!  

 Alwyn offers a range of treatments which include: 

  • Hot Stone Massage

  • Swedish/traditional massage

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Holistic massage

  • Indian head/Champi massage

  • Miach holistic signature massage

  • Sports and remedial massage therapy

  • Kinesiology sports and clinical taping


Thursday 9-1pm / Friday 1.30-6pm

Other appointments by arrangement through NYR Cheltenham


Sue Chant

I am an advanced Aromatherapist who fell in love with my therapy after having aromatherapy when working in a stressful environment. The benefits were so life changing that I decided to train in massage and aromatherapy to help other people experience the same results.

I am passionate about the benefits of aromatherapy massage and believe that all the natural medicinal benefits of essential oils can help medical conditions, improve emotional well-being as well as thoroughly relax you. The essential oils combined with the hands on therapy of massage is the most natural and one of the most enjoyable ways to help your mind, body and spirit.

Aromatherapy Massage can help with a variety of complaints such as stress, anxiety, headaches, depression and insomnia to name just a few! 

I offer a super range of experiences using all Neals Yard Remedies products

Sara Prue


Inspired by skin science and wellbeing over the past 25 years, Sara’s career has evolved from beauty salons, luxury spas and cruise liners through to aesthetics and education. Forming SJP Beauty in 2015, Sara passion lies bringing together the union of relaxation and skin health for optimum wellbeing.


Sara takes pride in understanding her clients’ individual needs and is delighted to bring her expertise to Neals Yards Remedies and to work alongside their practitioners.

Providing a full range of indulgent and pampering beauty treatments including Swedish, deep tissue and hot stone massage, manicures, pedicures, facials and eyebrow treatments.


Malene Neel Haller Baggesen

My name is Malene Neel Haller Baggesen, I am an experienced body therapist with over 16 years of practice which started in Denmark and then I moved to Sweden for 12 years. I am highly experienced and l look forward to sharing my knowledge and skills with you.

Working with the energy of the body makes my heart sing. It is a wonderful feeling to facilitate the energy of the body, relieve balance and support the bodies self-healing ability, which Shiatsu is all about.

My treatment is a combination between my knowledge of Shiatsu and my feeling of the energy. The treatment moves with the energy at times dynamic, and sometimes more static.

I look forward to meeting you 😊

Availability: Wednesday 9-13 every other week.

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