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Julie Boseley

Julie is a holistic therapist, reiki master, hypnotherapist and spiritual life coach.


She loves working with energy treatments – energy can get blocked and that this can have a negative impact on our mental, emotional and physical health. By working with these blocks she aims to release the energy and restore balance in your life.  She offers: Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Bach Flower Remedies and   Vibrational Tuning Fork Therapy


In their different ways they can all support your journey; so whether it's a relaxing treat, or you are addressing a specific need, there is a therapy to suit you.

Sophie - head shot - small size.jpg

Sophie Admasu

Initially as a recipient and now as a practitioner of Reiki, I am in awe of the magic of Reiki.


This awe led to a career change which for me, being a left-brain, practical person, has been quite dramatic and I can say I have no regrets.


Reiki heals the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body which are all connected.


During the Reiki treatment I make use of essential oils whose healing properties enhance the intention set for the treatment.


Often it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what is hurting within us. Reiki is an intelligent energy that knows what needs healing, leaving you feeling lighter and more relaxed without knowing exactly why…

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