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Jennie Sheringham

Jennie has been an acupuncturist and reflexologist for thirty eight years, previously working as a community nurse and midwife.  She is also a mother and grandmother.

In addition to treating symptoms of pain, stress, grief, anxiety, addictions, backache, headaches, hormonal imbalances etc Jennie is a fertility and pregnancy specialist and offers treatment and support for women's health, fertility and pregnancy management. Her wisdom and knowledge have helped many couples through very difficult times and supported them in their quest to become parents.

Jennie also helps with weight control and skin care and has a wide knowledge of  Neal’s Yard Remedies products.  She offers a cosmetic facial acupuncture package which can benefit the health and appearance of your skin and includes Moxa and massage to make you feel as pampered as if you've been to a spa day.

Jennie has been working in the medical and complementary therapy professions for over fifty years. With her unique experience and holistic health care knowledge she aims to help you achieve the best possible health and vitality.

Availability: Tuesday 1.30-6pm

Other appointments by arrangement through NYR Cheltenham


Katie Zienko

Training in reflexology came as a result of Katie's work with young people who required specialist education.  She qualified in 2008 and since then has offered reflexology to people spanning a wide range of ages and to women with a variety of longer term conditions.  Her own experience of reflexology is that it is a wonderfully relaxing way to touch base with herself; regular sessions can help address many health issues as well as support well-being.

Availability: Wednesdays 1.30 – 6 pm

Other appointments by arrangement through NYR Cheltenham


Reut Sapir

Reut is a certified Naturopath and Clinical Herbalist who studied at the University of Tel Aviv. She moved to Cheltenham in mid-2015 and joined the NYR therapists in November.  

Her therapeutic approach is holistic and preventative, taking into account both physical and emotional wellbeing, whilst treating the root cause of the illness.  She believes each person is different and therefore requires a unique solution, using Nutritional Therapy, Herbal Medicine and Reflexology.  Reut's aim is to facilitate the creation of a permanent healthy way of life rather than by providing short term solutions.  She practises in a wide range of fields, having a particular interest in female health, stress and anxiety, and digestion disorders.

Availability: Tuesday and Friday 1:30-6pm

Other appointments by arrangement through NYR Cheltenham

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